A Culture Created Around Kinship

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Creating Culture

Part One

Founder & CEO of Askinosie Chocolate, Shawn Askinosie talks about how the culture of his chocolate factory is that of a family and how caring about others is key. He talks about how their morning huddle meetings add to that feeling of family and how they care about one another first and that translates into caring about everyone else involved in their business. He also talks about a book that inspired him and gave him the notion of kinship and how he fosters kinship in every aspect of his business.

Part Two

CEO & Founder of Askinosie Chocolate, Shawn Askinosie gives advice to other business owners looking to create a healthy workplace culture. His first piece of advice is to find out who you are, then figure out the kind of culture you want to have.  He also talks about the biggest struggle he's faced in keeping the company culture going. He says the hardest thing is getting everyone involved in the way they want to serve. He also talks about how the way the company does business, sharing profits with farmers, having an open books relationship with employees, and having kinship makes better tasting chocolate.


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