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Part One

Tim Cloyd, President of Drury University and Professor of Management and Political Science talks about the virtues of emotional intelligence and how his experiences have shaped his own ways of thinking. He talks about how emotional intelligence calls for leaders to reflect on who they are and what their emotional triggers may be and the importance of just generally being self-aware in order to be able to self-regulate so they can set a good example. This allows leaders to set the tone with the groups they lead. He also expresses the importance of getting help from others in self-regulation and the necessity of having everyone verbally check in at a meeting so everyone is really present in the moment and an empathetic group tone is set.

Part Two

In part two of the emotional intelligence interview, President of Drury University Tim Cloyd talks about the importance of listening and not interrupting, which leads to the development of empathy for the person speaking. He also discusses that since human beings are all different, managers can't manage everyone in the same way. Everyone needs a different kind of motivation and a good leader has to figure out what each individual needs or face mutiny. The way a leader presents him/herself at the start of a meeting will set the tone for that meeting. Self-regulation is key to setting that tone, not letting external frustrations affect the way the meeting is conducted. He also talks about the importance of creating empathy and using that as a motivational tool instead of using threats and fear, which do not work. He also talks about the "triple bottom line" of profit, people, and planet. Then he discusses the final element of emotional intelligence, social skills. He says some folks have all the other elements (self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy) but lack the social skills to put them all together. He says the cure for this is to get out and walk around and see what everyone is doing to put those skills to use.


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