Living Life On Trial

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Beyond The Spotlight

Jana Bounds of Springfield Business Journal interviews attorney Dee Wampler about his career and legacy. He talks about his father, who was a civil attorney and how they worked together for a while but split when Dee decided he wanted to pursue criminal law. He talks about being the youngest elected prosecuting attorney in Greene County history at 29. He says he's pleased with the cases he's won but that he never forgets the ones he's lost and how those motivated him to do a better job on future cases. He also discusses the controversy he courts by the cases he chooses to take and how he controls every aspect of the behavior of the clients he represents, including making them go to treatment programs if necessary. He says he's proud of what he does and any criticism he receives is borne of ignorance of what his job entails. He says just because defense attorneys represent murderers, doesn't mean they endorse murder.


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