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The Family Business

Part One

Brothers Jeremy Brokate, Executive VP, and Cheyne Brokate, VP of Operations both at Brokate Janitorial talk about the strong streak of entrepreneurship that runs in their family. They discuss how it led to their parents buying a small cleaning business in the 80s in California, moving it to Branson in the 90s and why they eventually decided to partner with their mother to grow that business into something bigger.They also talk about the challenges that came along with transitioning a business from a mom-and-pop operation to one with potential for growth.

Part Two

The Brokate brothers, Jeremy and Cheyne, Executive VP and VP of Operations of Brokate Janitorial discuss what it's like to work with family. Luckily they've always gotten along and their skill sets are separate but incredibly complimentary. They discuss that everyone's duties must be clearly defined from the beginning to eliminate confusion and that there must always be trust. They also talk about how they wanted to be more than just a cleaning company so they chose to lift their staff up by promoting from within and to support the community by donating cleaning services to local charities. They discuss some of the challenges that face any business: knowing where to set boundaries, clearly defining roles, getting financial planning in line immediately. Then they leave us with some great advice about not being afraid to ask for help, take risks, or say no.


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