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“No temptation to ride from my end. I’m 39 years old. This is such a young man’s sport.”
—Luke Snyder of the Missouri Thunder, on being a coach and not a ride for a a new local PBR bull riding team

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What changes should we consider for our employee handbook in 2022?

The policy revisions or additions recommended …

Why Did You Join CJW?

Marc Thornsberry, a Senior Engineer at CJW, says he joined the company after working in the public sphere. He says CJW had a ton of experience working with the community, and putting their customer's and clients.

The Importance of Tracking Your Cash Flow

Sandra Smart, a technology and commercialization specialist, shares helpful advice and cautionary tips about the importance of tracking cash flow for new or established businesses. Smart works with tech entrepreneurs and hosts training workshops through the Missouri SBDC at Missouri State University's efactory.

Supporting Remote Teams

Michael Smith and Chris Sawyer, COO and CEO of Next Level Solutions respectively, discuss how they keep their remote teams and offices in and out of country on the same page. Next Level Solutions was ranked #1 in the Springfield Business Journal's 2021 Dynamic Dozen.