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“We were really just providing warm bodies in court.” — District Defender Rod Hackathorn, on public defenders' inability to properly investigate cases prior to instituting a wait list for counsel

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Justice for All: County aims to shorten inmates’ wait times for public defenders

Greene County is doubling down to address a bottleneck in the local criminal justice system after a pilot program last fall helped shorten the list of people in jail waiting for legal defense.

Business Spotlight: Against the Grain

4 by 4 Brewing has doubled its barrel production in the last year in a growing craft beer market.

Open for Business: Loehr Health Center

After changing its name at the start of the year to reflect expanded services, Loehr Health Center relocated; video gaming center Contender eSports Springfield LLC launched; and the 3-month-old Cowboy Boutique LLC rebranded as Prickly Cactus Coffee and Boutique LLC.

Growth Mode: Cox College wraps up $6.6M campus renovation

The school also looks to add satellite campuses.