2020 Economic Growth Survey Forum: Plan. Adapt. Repeat.

The July 15 forum discussions revolve around how businesses have adapted to the quickly changing economic environment and looking forward regarding planning.

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Watch all or part of the two hours SBJ Economic Growth Survey Forum 2 – Plan. Adapt. Repeat.

00:15 minute mark
Starting a Business Now: How to Plan and Adapt
featuring: Titus Williams, Prosperiti Partners; Scott Tennison, Legacy Bank and Mar’Ellen Felin, Springfield Business Journal

13:00 minute mark
Nimble Business Plan
presented by: Darin Bridges, Great Game of Business

35:16 minute mark
Bolstering Business Traveler Confidence: How Hotels are Adapting in Light of COVID-19
featuring: Bryan Magers, Bryan Properties and Mar’Ellen Felin, Springfield Business Journal

52:00 minute mark
Businesses Changed Model on the Fly: Here’s How and What Happened
featuring: Chastin Reynolds, BriteCore; Rob Blevins, Discovery Center; John Fugitt, nPrint Graphix and Eric Olson, Springfield Business Journal

1:28:00 minute mark
Mental Health and Wellness: What’s the cost of ignoring employee mental health?
featuring Jarad Johnson, Mostly Serious and Christine Temple, Springfield Business Journal