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Drones Revolutionize Civil Engineering

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One of the most influential technological advances of recent years is the invention of drones. The use of drones dramatically increases the capacity of human operations in many industries, including civil engineering. 


With the advent of drones has come a huge shift in the ability of civil engineers to reach more remote and previously inaccessible areas. Drones can also capture a large amount of information in a very short period of time, making the process of land surveying and inspection much quicker. 


Anderson Engineering was one of the first companies in Missouri to receive an FAA exemption to use drones in a professional capacity. 


“With superior drone technology, we’re taking civil engineering, land surveying, materials testing, and drilling services to an elevated level”, says CEO Neil S. Brady. “The time and energy devoted to incorporating drones into the services provided is well worth it when it comes to the results these unmanned aerial vehicles provide.”  


Anderson offers commercial drone service capabilities, which include: 


• Aerial photography

• Aerial inspections

• Construction site progress

• Aerial topography

• Thermal imaging services


Architects, contractors, local, state, and federal government agencies are just a few of the groups that rely on accurate and trustworthy planning, assessment, and design services. 


According to Brady, in addition to drone capabilities, Anderson Engineering offers a wide range of services in-house. “The advantage is that Anderson can take a project from start to finish, without ever having to outsource any aspect of that project,” says Brady. 


Anderson provides civil engineering and surveying services including:


• Planning, civil/site design 

• GIS services 

• Phase I environmental site assessments 

• Municipal street and sewer design 

• Wastewater treatment 

• Storm water drainage 

• Detention analysis and design 

• Boundary/topographic surveys 

• Cadastral, ALTA, GPS and control surveys 

• Drilling services, including geotechnical investigations and environmental sampling and monitoring well installation 

• Construction materials testing

• Field construction monitoring


“Anderson Engineering is employee-owned, so every employee has a stake in the success of a client’s project. This creates a unique partnership between team members and clients, aligning their common goals to ensure satisfactory project completion,” says Brady. 


“The Anderson team is an integral part of our everyday business. They’re a great partner,” says Dan Mitchell of Schuber Mitchell Homes. 


“We want each project to be a smooth process during development and construction. We want clients to walk away having had a great experience, resulting in a successful project,” says Brady.


Anderson Engineering, Inc.

Street Address: 

2045 W. Woodland

Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: (417) 866-2741

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Top Executives:  

Neil S. Brady, P.E. – President/CEO 

Paul J. Engel, P.E. – Vice President/ 

Principal Engineer

John T. Snider, P.E. – Vice President/ 

Principal Engineer

Kevin Lambeth, P.L.S. – Vice President / 

Survey Manager

Larry Davis – Vice President/ 

Drilling Services Manager

Jason Eckhart, P.E. – Vice President/ 

Principal Engineer

Jerrod L. Hogan, P.L.S. – Vice President/ 

Survey Manager

Kevin R. Sprenkle, P.E. – Vice President/ 

Principal Engineer

Troy Bowers, P.E., P.L.S. – Vice President/ 

Principal Engineer

Year Founded: 

Anderson Engineering was opened August 16, 1954 under the name Tri-Lakes Concrete Company. Later, August 22, 1977, the name was changed to Anderson Engineering. 

Number of Employees 75

Product or Service: 

Civil Engineering

Land Surveying 

Construction Testing Labs

Geotechnical Services

Geographic Information Services 

Commercial Drone Services