Ken Hughes, Dean Bergman, Lana Caulliette and Shawna Feuerbacher
Ken Hughes, Dean Bergman, Lana Caulliette and Shawna Feuerbacher

Averting Technology Disasters Takes Planning, Continual Assessment

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How much downtime can your company afford? Two hours, two days, a month? If you aren’t sure or if you need to reassess let Huber & Associates guide you through disaster recovery and business continuity planning. These steps are key to the peace of mind of business owners.

Dean Bergman of Huber & Associates says a disaster recovery plan is something you need but hope you never have to use. “We have the expertise, the software, the hardware and the services that can help you achieve that desired state, where management is confident that business continuity is covered and can be maintained in case of an emergency,”

The first step the Huber & Associates team takes is to analyze the inventory of all of the client’s software and hardware, then assess what that inventory is capable of from a recovery standpoint to bring the business back online.

Huber then works with the client to rank the software by how essential it is to everyday operations. For example, email usually ranks high on that list for most companies because communication is a cornerstone of business. “We rank all the systems of record in order of importance to the business,” says Bergman. “The key is to have that conversation with the client because we can build a customized disaster recovery plan for them.” Once the business defines what they require, Huber builds the plan to those specifications.

As part of the disaster recovery plan, Huber offers server hosting off premises for customers. This is an extra backup in case their systems experience a catastrophic event. That means that no matter the exposure, your company can continue to proceed with business as usual.

Bergman stresses that building the plan is not a one and done experience. “Your disaster recovery and business continuity plan is an ever-evolving document.” He also recommends practicing for a disaster recovery scenario. Bergman says that practice is a good opportunity to learn and update the document when necessary. “It’s important to know who the top three people are in your business that need to be notified of a disaster, what they should do and then who those people should notify.” Think of it as a disaster recovery call tree.

“It all comes back to figuring out how long your business can be down. Then, we come up with a solution and we practice to see if that solution is meeting that need. You really want that peace of mind.”

Huber & Associates was founded in Jefferson City in 1986 and opened its Springfield branch, which is currently located Farmers Park, in 1994. Huber & Associates is a Premier IBM Business Partner and is here to help solve business issues using technology.

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