Building Trust for 30 Years

Springfield Builders Incorporated

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Springfield Builders, Incorporated (SBI) is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020. Specializing in commercial construction, SBI’s reach extends across 16 states in the Midwest, but its roots are firmly planted in Springfield. Founded by Curtis Looney in 1990, SBI is locally owned and still home to his son, Kirk Looney, who is now president and partner at SBI.

The dedication to quality and keeping the timeline are key factors in SBI’s large amount of repeat business. “Experience is the one attribute which most aggressively engages quality. An eye for detail and being able to spot potential issues on a project differentiates SBI for its quality. We earn clients’ trust and intend to keep it,” Looney says. “We also always meet our deadlines, which is very important for us to be able to say.”

Tony Hopkins, VP and partner, says the company has grown as their clients, most of whom have been with SBI for several years, expand their own businesses into other states. In fact, repeat clients comprise the vast majority of SBI’s business. SBI has achieved steady growth by always demonstrating competitive value as well. Hopkins says that is by design. “We bring proactive experience and solutions to every project from the moment we receive the invitation,” says Hopkins. “If the work up front is done well, you should hit the target every time.”

All these benefits go back to the company mission which is ‘to serve our clients by exceeding expectations in the attributes of quality, value, schedule, and integrity’.

“Every project presents unique challenges and every client has unique needs,” Hopkins says, “but when our people seek our clients’ best interests with integrity, we make lasting impressions.”

Springfield Builders Incorporated

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