Can I take my employees on a trip and use it as a team building exercise?

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The two best places for team building exercises are the sea and the sand. Taking employees to an all-inclusive resort or on a cruise is an easy way for everyone to learn and have fun together. Some resorts like Club Med even offer team-building programs. I even recently booked an entire cruise ship for a company’s team building trip! It’s possible to take your entire organization on a 3-day trip to the beach for nothing but training, team building and fun. Chartering a ship even allows an organization to put their signage and branding anywhere in the ship, even going so far as to rename bars, activity rooms and restaurants on board. Companies can also bring in vendors to serve employees on the ship. Creating this microcosm for your employees with trips like this eliminates distractions and maximizes learning and team bonding time can be a huge boost for your company’s bottom line. Destination team building also foments employee loyalty and satisfaction.

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