Creating a Strategy for Wealth Planning

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Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor Kim Garrison believes that even in retirement, your money should keep working. “Someday you’ll stop working and at that point, you’ll have to depend on your retirement income,” said Garrison.
“To work toward building that income, you’ll need a strategy.” With more than 21 years of experience, Garrison can help create a strategy for goals like retirement, estate planning and leaving a legacy.

The riskiest financial move is doing nothing. A wealth plan should keep up with the changing circumstances of life, as well as with the cycles in the financial markets. A new career, a new grandchild, a new business, a significant shift in your portfolio—any of these events could necessitate a fresh look at retirement strategy.

“As a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, I can work with people to develop a strategy and then help manage investments and assets through life’s changes,” said Garrison. “I work together with my clients to plan for what may come.”

“Wealth planning starts with one meeting. Life is filled with one meeting after another, but this one is important. It’s about a person’s future, and what they can do to prepare for it.”