Is adaptive reuse right for my commercial real estate needs?

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A powerful tool in commercial real estate is creativity. When choosing a property for development projects, one of many options is restoring old buildings or adaptive reuse. It’s a means of infusing new life into historic buildings.

Trade & Industry Development stated that, “From a cost perspective, a complete building rehabilitation costs about 16% less in construction costs and 18% less in construction time than new construction.”

A great repurposed project can generate excitement, create new perspectives and trigger a wave of revitalization for an area. Restoring historical structures helps to preserve the unique character and personality of a community. They leave less of a carbon footprint throughout the life of the project. Although every project is different, it generally takes less time to rehab an existing building than create one from scratch and they typically require fewer materials and produce less waste. Another benefit to restoring older buildings is the tax credits. There are local, state and federal historic tax credits and incentives available to builders or developers who revitalize older buildings.

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