Pictured bottom right: Task 9 Owner, Natalie McGuire and K9 Sadie
Pictured bottom right: Task 9 Owner, Natalie McGuire and K9 Sadie

Looking for a Security Company? Here Are Some Questions to Consider

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If you’ve noticed an increase in illegal or questionable activity around your home, office or rental properties, hiring a security company could be the way to curtail those activities while preventing injury and property damage. Natalie McGuire, owner of Task9, a security and K9 services company, has five questions you should ask when vetting a security provider.

  1. Is the security company open 24/7? McGuire says many security companies only open after your business hours are over but that the majority of calls received by Task9 come in during the day. It’s critical to have 24/7 coverage.
  2. Does the company have a dedicated dispatcher? McGuire stresses the importance of knowing who is taking incoming calls. Some companies have officers in the field who take calls, while others have a dedicated dispatcher on call who can immediately match the case to a security officer.
  3. What experience do the security officers have? The ability to talk someone down in a crisis is paramount for a security officer. If the conversation turns into confrontation, experience in detaining suspects, proper firearms and other weapons training, and general physical strength and agility are all qualities McGuire encourages those looking for a security company to seek out.
  4. Does the security company have K9s? McGuire says K9 officers are indispensable when it comes to drug and bomb detection. Task 9 even has K9 officers who are trained in bedbug detection, which, along with regular security services, can come in handy for hotels.
  5. Does the security company have text messaging services? Many companies only take phone calls for dispatch. McGuire says it’s important to be able to take a concern from a client via text message. “A lot of younger clients prefer to text rather than pick up the phone so it’s important to have that ability,” says McGuire. She also stresses there are situations where it is not safe for the caller to speak so being able to covertly alert the security company by text can be invaluable.

These questions, along with the givens of licensure and insurance should help you find the security company that is the right fit for you and the best one to protect your home and family, your offices, rental properties or hotels. Task 9 provides a variety of services ranging from security guards and drive through patrols for apartments and multi-housing developments and businesses to K9 services, including weapons and explosives detection for large events, and guns and narcotics detection for schools and businesses and can provide confidential in-home sweeps that can detect hidden guns and narcotics. Task 9 also has a specialized active shooter response team available.

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