Made to Order - The Backstory
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive Producer

Made to Order: The Backstory

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Ömer Önder showed a talent for writing at an early age, winning awards in his native Turkey. He later studied journalism and became a reporter, covering the Middle East, Turkey, and the Mediterranean. In 2013, the Turkish government shut down a newspaper for criticizing the government and Önder decided to pursue a new career. “So I said yes, I should open a restaurant in the States and I should be able to talk to customers and my customers should be also my friends,” Önder says. Dustin Myers and Jeremy Wells, owners of branding agency Longitude LLC have agreed to help Önder in a year long rebranding process. Made to Order is an ongoing sbjLive documentary series in collaboration with Springfield Business Journal. See ongoing coverage at:

Duration: 3:25