Meridian Title Grabs Market Share, 620% Growth in 2020

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Many sectors of the economy slowed in the last year, but the real estate market was a notable exception. Demand continues steadily and that has led to a boon not only for those in real estate, but also for associated businesses such as mortgage lending.

Meridian Title Company (MTC) grew 620% in 2020. President and CEO Jeremy Burcham said several factors contributed to that success.

“A lot of people didn’t know we were here,” said Burcham. In order to change that, the company underwent a complete brand redesign, including overhauling the logo and website.
Then Burcham and the MTC team made it their mission to get the MTC name out not only to agents that were new to real estate but also to agents who were already established in the real estate and mortgage market in order to transition them to MTC.

“Our secret sauce is process, technology and attitude,” said Burcham. “We try to keep the process as simple as we can and we keep in mind that no two real estate firms do business the same way.”

Security of technology is also in sharp focus at MTC. “If you’re using our systems, your data is never leaving our servers. We’re as secure as you can be in this day and age. It’s a thing that we are very cognizant of,” said Burcham.

While MTC is a technology-forward company adaptability is viewed as critical for their client experience. “We understand that [real estate agents] aren’t all going to want the same thing from us or communicate with us in the same way and we’re flexible enough to do what they need. We meet them where they are.”

Burcham continued, “We are friendly and inviting and humble. It could be a real estate agent’s first deal or first deal with a new company and when it comes to buyers and sellers it’s even more likely to be their first deal or the first one they’ve had in a long time, so it’s new all over again. We want to make the entire process as inviting and easy as possible.”

MTC offices were designed to reflect the openness and transparency of how the business operates. “They don’t look like any other offices in the title space,” said Burcham. “They’re very open and inviting.” He compared the office space to the processes employed by MTC. “It’s very glass door. There’s nothing hidden and we’re all out in the open and here for you. We’re just a very different company in general.”

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