New Ownership Focused on Expanding Exporting Services

Global Wizard Exports

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Global exporting is big business, but rules vary from country to country.

Global Wizard specializes in helping businesses navigate those rules efficiently online and in the cloud, and while the company has been around since 1993, big changes are afoot in the coming year.

Longtime employee Heather Noggle is now CEO. Recently, she and Jayme Untiedt partnered to buy the company. “We had software packages and customers would come to us and we would integrate their processes with that software. We were a software company,” says Noggle. “But then we stepped back and asked, ‘are we really just a software company?’”

Noggle says the answer was a decisive no. “When you look at what we do really well, we’re a customer service company with a tech component,” says Noggle. “We have a set of bundled services to help clients with compliance and the software is just one aspect of that.”

Noggle and Untiedt decided to explore how the company could expand the services offered to customers, even if that meant referring them to another company for services not under the Global Wizard umbrella. The company provides referrals from other vendors they know and trust. “We can almost be a concierge service,” says Noggle. “Ninety-six percent of purchasing power is outside the United States and exporting is the biggest area of growth in the manufacturing business. As companies come to us and are overwhelmed with growing, or hoping to grow and need a plan, we’re there to provide all the resources they need to make it easier on them.”

Noggle says there are many import friendly countries that work with the US but there are several countries that are off limits. Global Wizard provides their existing software to clients to help them navigate these tricky rules, but with the current expansion, also provides the capabilities to help with tracking product licenses and consolidation of multiple orders. There is a range of packages to fit any size company’s needs and budget.

“We’re moving outside just the software,” says Noggle. “By bolstering the services we’ve always offered with more and better products we’re able to provide everything any size exporting business needs.”

Global Wizard Exports