Colby Keeth, CPA and Krystal Russell, JD
Colby Keeth, CPA and Krystal Russell, JD

Outsourcing Payroll Processing Reduces Stress

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Payroll processing is laden with regulations and deadlines, which means attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Typically, a business has one HR or accounting employee doing payroll in addition to their regular duties. “What happens when that person goes on vacation or worse, quits? Who is going to step in to take over that role immediately?” asks Krystal Russell, partner at Spectrum Payroll. “They’re already doing so many things.”

Outsourcing payroll processing to a team that does nothing but stay up to date on payroll regulations and deadlines can relieve the burden of having to manage it internally. Russell says hiring an outside firm to process payroll frees a company’s in-house team to do the rest of their jobs to the best of their ability.

“Payroll is something many feel is easy, but it can be so difficult, with multiple agencies requiring different types of reporting and payment formats,” says Russell. “We only focus on payroll so we can do it really well.” Russell mentions that 2020 has seen a sharp increase in the amount of regulations regarding payroll. “We’ve had a great response from our clients about how they were so glad we’ve been there to help them navigate all these changes and answer their questions so quickly.”

Spectrum Payroll grew out of Spectrum Accounting when Russell noticed that many of their clients were struggling with their payroll duties. “We wanted to create an affordable, local payroll processing option to relieve that stress,” says Russell.

Spectrum Payroll is comprised of a team of payroll experts, eliminating worry and lessening the risk of overburdened employees. “Our payroll team loves their jobs. We truly look at providing payroll services as a privilege. We’re always super excited to be a part of helping someone grow their business.”

Spectrum Payroll uses the latest in technology, providing electronic access to records which saves employers time and provides them the convenience of reviewing and approving payroll from anywhere. The same emphasis on technology exists for the employees with electronic pay stubs and payment delivery.

“I cannot say enough about this amazing team. They all have a passion for payroll and an interest in what’s best for the client,” says Russell. “Our desire is to help companies get to the right answer efficiently and affordably. We call it ‘world class service’ in our office. If we can’t give our clients world class service, then we’re not doing our jobs.”

Russell holds a law degree from Creighton University. Her partner at Spectrum Payroll, Colby Keeth is a CPA.

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