Relationships and Giving Back

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“In this competitive job market, we have to set ourselves apart as an employer in every aspect,” says Emily Heller, Manager of Employee Experience at Avitus Group. “We’ve asked our new hires why they choose to apply for a position with us, and why they ultimately decided to accept it. While competitive salaries and good benefits are part of their decision, the answer we get the most is that we offer them opportunities for career growth.”

Avitus Group’s professional development plan opportunity allows employees to attend specialized conferences or participate in learning programs that increase knowledge and skills. All associates can participate in Avitus University, which offers online courses as diverse as brushing up on business math skills to cybersecurity.

As an organization, Avitus advocates promoting from within. “If someone has demonstrated a great work ethic and a willingness to learn, we make every effort to give them a chance to take the next step up their career ladder,” says Heller.

Avitus Group also created “Work Perks” which gives associates the chance to have coffee with someone from another department—and often with someone from another office via Facetime or similar apps—to develop positive working relationships. Associates can also earn extra paid time off and discounted gym memberships by taking advantage of Avitus’s wellness program.

In order to further build unity and involvement among employees, once a quarter Avitus Group has “Engage 365” sessions to allow every employee to learn and ask questions about what’s happening at almost every level of the company. In addition, associates can participate in task forces designed to move a variety of Avitus Group initiatives forward. More than three-quarters of all those who are leading and participating in task force groups are non-managerial.

“Change is also a big part of our culture, something that has come over time and out of necessity,” says Heller. “The business world is far different than it was in 1996 when we first launched Avitus Group, and we’ve learned to become great at being agile and adapting to changing climates. Our own experiences and the strategies we’ve put into place like Engage 365 have allowed our team to become expert at helping our clients adapt to change. We step in as trusted advisers to partner with them and guide them through that process.”

“Avitus Group was created to serve the needs of business owners, and that focus on service continues to be the primary influence behind our culture,” says Heller. “Whenever we need to decide where to take our business next, we first ask ourselves, ‘How is this going to benefit our customers? How will this simplify, strengthen, or grow their business? How will what we do make it easier for them to focus on what they do?’ If we can’t answer those basic questions, it’s time to re-evaluate.”

Avitus Group is also committed to giving back to the communities in which its offices are located. Each year, associates from Avitus locations across the U.S. are selected to participate in the Avitus Ambassador program that is geared toward both personal and professional growth. Each ambassador chooses one or two key projects they are passionate about and focuses on them for a single year. The ambassadors promote those projects within the company and throughout the community to raise awareness and get others involved in these causes.

Earlier this year, Avitus Ambassadors volunteered at Springfield’s Rock ‘n Ribs Festival and the Springfield Dental Society’s Smiles from the Heart fundraiser. In other locations, Avitus associates have participated in Polar Bear Plunges, food drives, animal rescues, Honor Flights, Alzheimer’s Association walks, and many other events. These projects and events are incredibly diverse, but each one is also impactful for those being served.

“Avitus Group has really great people in every one of our offices. We work hard, but we also enjoy one another’s company,” says Heller. “Great friendships have been made at every level of our organization—some now spanning decades. These exceptional associates make work something to look forward to.”

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