Report: Springfield among best-paying cities for minority workers

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Springfield is among the best-paying cities for minority workers, according to a report from credit building company Self Financial Inc.

Springfield ranks No. 2 in the midsize metros category of 350,000–999,999 people, behind Lansing, Michigan, according to the April 15 report.

The Self report indicates Springfield's median pay, adjusting for cost of living, is $51,804 for full-time minority workers. Without the cost-of-living adjustment, the median comes to $44,500, above the $40,000 median pay for all full-time workers in Springfield.

The Self report studied 2019 U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis income data for racial and ethnic minorities.

Springfield ranks No. 5 on the full list that comprises large, midsize and small metros.

The top-ranking city in all metro categories is Monroe, Michigan, with cost-of-living-adjusted median earnings of $66,372, according to Self.