Where is the missing link in the supply chain?

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I decided to do a little digging on this subject because it is greatly affecting our IT company. What I discovered was frightening: There is not a single missing link, but many missing links. Some were missing a long time but not noticed until the pandemic. There’s a worker shortage, inventory is difficult to come by in a timely manner, and prices have increased substantially. A shipping container that cost $2,000 to ship from Asia to the United States now costs 10 times that. While we can’t fix it right now, at least we are more educated on how the supply chain works and what can affect it. I highly recommend you educate yourselves about this as well to help you better understand why and how your future purchases may be delayed. And remember, if you haven’t ordered for Christmas yet, it may be too late!

Meet the Expert

Chris Kays founded F1 Computing Solutions, LLC, in July 2005. Having spent many years in the IT field and knowing just how difficult and frustrating it could be to find support in a timely manner, Chris decided his IT company would focus on high-quality, timely customer service.

Chris was honorably discharged as a disabled veteran after four years of service in the United States Air Force. Following that service, Chris became a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service in Springfield. After 15 years working his way up through the ranks into management while simultaneously putting himself through college at MSU, earning a bachelor’s degree in business, Chris decided to start F1 Computing Solutions. During Chris’s time at the Postal Service, he frequently put his computer and programming skills to use. He even cut the manager’s workload in half with a program he created; a program that was then implemented at post offices nationwide.

Chris is immensely proud of his many accomplishments throughout his life. He is and always will be a proud American and is even more proud to be from Springfield, Missouri. Chris is honored to be able to continue with a thriving business supported by the very community to which he has always belonged.