How can you improve recruiting so the best candidates pick you, not your competition?

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Job seekers in competitive industries often reject job offers due to bad recruiting experiences. Due to their own errors, companies regularly miss out on their first choice. Luckily, this type of lost opportunity can be avoided. The right staffing firm and its top-notch recruiters, utilizing the right tools can help you avoid this mistake and keep those qualified candidates from slipping away.

Candidate Experience Survey

One of these tools is a candidate experience survey, a short questionnaire asking candidates to review your hiring process. It can help you learn what is working and what is not if you are doing the hiring on your own.

Before starting, think about why you are sending the survey. In addition, ask questions covering every phase of the candidate’s experience. If there are areas of concern, it’s good to home in on those. Keep the survey short and simple. Allowing the survey to be answered anonymously generally increases participation and honest answering.

Using a Staffing Firm for Recruitment

All staffing/recruiting firms should be trained to avoid lost opportunities so neither their client nor the job candidate loses out on their first choice. They should work with you to learn about your company and its culture, your products, and the jobs you want filled. The recruiting team should know who in your company is involved in filling your open positions and should work closely with that person from beginning to end, developing job descriptions and advertising, scheduling interviews and tours, answering questions and eventually making offers. The recruiters also should know the job candidates. In today’s market, job candidates must be courted. Your staffing/recruiting firm should be their go-to for any information needed in relation to your company and/or its job offer.

Recruiters should develop a bond quickly with all the people involved in your hiring process, so nothing gets missed and no one gets left behind. Everyone deserves to know where they stand throughout the whole process. For more information, just give me a call. I will help you develop a survey or recruit your next hire!

Meet the Expert

Anne Williams has been the President and Owner of this Missouri-based staffing firm, JobFinders Employment Services, for 34 years. In 1986, Williams opened her first small office, and today, that business has steadily grown into one of Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies with seven branches.

Williams oversees a team of 27 employees who place candidates in direct-hire, temporary, and trial-to-hire positions.

Williams and the company have been recognized with honors such as “Woman of the Year,” “CEO of the Year,” and in 2012, she was named the United States Small Business Administration’s top “Woman Owned Small Business” in the St. Louis district. JobFinders has been named the Top Company in Columbia, MO and has been awarded Reader’s Choice award in several communities. Williams enjoys spending time in the community, traveling, and hanging out with her family. She is a proud member of the American Staffing Association, National Association of Personnel Services, Missouri Kansas Search and Staffing Association, Society for Human Resource Management National Association and the Springfield, Sedalia, Central Missouri branches and serves as the Chambers of Commerce in each community the company serves.