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Part One - Sam Hamra, founder and former CEO of Hamra Enterprises, says his family decided to diversify their business interests. They went to look at a new restaurant in Memphis and were impressed. He later applied for franchises in Springfield and Joplin.

Part Two (below) - Sam Hamra formed a partnership and opened his first Wendy's restaurant in Springfield in 1976. The restaurant did well, and they opened two others in the next few months.

Part Three (below) - Sam Hamra says he got to know comedian Bob Hope through Senator Stuart Symington. Bob Hope presented Sam with an unusual request after staying at the Kentwood Arms hotel.

Part Four (below) - Bob Hope was in Springfield to dedicate the new basketball arena at Missouri State. Sam Hamra invited him to cut the ribbon for his third Wendy's restaurant. 

After opening a fourth restaurant in Rolla, Sam bought out his partner's interest in the business.

Part Five (below) - Sam Hamra became friends with a director of operations for Wendy's International. This friend became the President of St. Louis Bread Company and offered Sam the opportunity to open develop a franchise.

Part Six (below) - Sam Hamra decided to open another Panera Bread franchise. He asked to open one in Sacramento, California because it was warmer than Chicago. 

Part Seven (below) - How do you manage your business interests from afar?

Sam Hamra says it's important to surround yourself with good, hardworking people. In the early 2000s, he brought his son, Mike Hamra, into the business.

Part Eight (below) - Sam Hamra wants Hamra Enterprises to be a multi-generational family business. He says his son Mike, and grandson John, started at the bottom and worked their way to to learn the business. 

Part Nine (below) - Sam Hamra says you need to know what your business goals are.

He says John Q. Hammons was a mentor to him and taught him a plan for success.

Part Ten (below) - Sam Hamra started his career as a lawyer. He says one case brought him attention from the highest echelons of the United States Government.

Part Eleven (below) - Sam Hamra took a legal case to help the City of Nixa build it's own electrical distribution system. Facing an injunction from the Public Service Commission, Sam learns that sometimes it's not what, but who you know.

Part Twelve (below) - Sam Hamra's friends started to build Nixa's electrical distribution system. His opponents went to the U.S. Secretary of the Interior to try to stop construction. 

A Senator who was Sam's friend would help decide the fate of the project.

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