Made to Order: The Behind-the-Scenes Love Story
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive Producer

Made to Order: The Behind-the-Scenes Love Story

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Running a restaurant often affects all members of the owner/operator’s family. But, for this restaurant the relationship is even more complicated than most. “It’s a romantic story,” says Ömer Önder with a laugh. Önder, owner of Springfield Diner, met his wife through a mutual friend in his native Turkey. The friend told Göknur Akarca that Önder was a good man and if she needed anything to call him. She didn’t realize the two were living more than 1,400 miles apart. They became friends after talking on the phone, with Önder visiting her in Boston for the first time last October. They married in January. Akarca is currently studying in Springfield for her medical exams. Though Önder doesn’t want to close the restaurant or leave it to someone else, the couple says they’ll deal with Akarca’s residency location when it’s time in 2021.

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Duration: 4:05